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Google Arts & Culture -The Met Museum 2017 - Stylist

In May 2017 Google released Arts & Culture, an online platform through which the public can access high-resolution images of artworks housed in the initiative’s partner museums. To commemorate the occasion guests were invited to a private evening event at NY's Metropolitan Museum of Art to preview the newest technology and get a sneak peek at the Rei Kawakubo exhibit. Vintage textiles from 6 different countries were selected to be displayed on antique sewing machines, larger than life sized sewing pins were the backbone of a lounge, and golden fabric billowed around interactive screens. 

Google Home Mini Donut Shop - NYC 2017 - Stylist

"The size of a donut, the power of a superhero". As part of Google's launch of their new mini smart speaker and voice assisted device a pop-up "donut shop" was created in Soho. Guests were invited to tour the "factory" and see the devices moving about the room on conveyer belts. After interacting with the devices a small house-shaped cardboard box was dispensed from the line containing either fresh baked donuts or a Google Home Mini for them to take home. 

Google Home Mini Golf Tour - 2018 - Stylist

Life at home can like an obstacle Google launched a mini golf course that took guests on a voice and putter activated journey showing them how easy tasks can be with the use of their line of smart speakers. The kitchen was outfitted with all the things to bake cookies, the garage had a wall of tools illuminated by disco lights, and the garden was complete with potted plants and a windmill. Every hole was interactive and artfully designed and decorated. 

All images copyright Neanna Bodycomb

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