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BooHoo NYC Showroom - Art Director & Stylist

For the fall of 2017 BooHoo's NYC showroom was transformed into a chic hall of horrors. Walls were hand-painted and custom made props included bedazzled skulls and a wall of oversized black paper flowers. Merchandise and deadly decor were united on shelves that guests were dying to interact with. 

FCUK Editors Event NYC 2017 - Stylist

In the winter of 2017 editors were invited to preview FCUK 2018's newest home line. A NYC loft was transformed into an immersive experience complete with bedroom, living, and dining room, an apothecary and of course a dressing room for their clothing line. Vintage armoires and decor were paired with FCUK products for a  well rounded whole home feel. 

Alaska Airlines Seattle 2018 - 3D Art Director & Stylist

This year Alaska Airlines made some big changes. All 25,000 employees were invited to SeaTac, WA to attend a wave of seminars and events commemorating their newest deal. As a fun nod to everyone in aviation a larger than life model of an airline wings pin was created and adorned with objects often left behind on flights. In addition a string art wall was created that each employee will interact with. Over time each person's "flight path" will fill in the positive space of the sculpture revealing "TOGETHER" in the negative space.  

Roberta’s Pizza Tiki Bar - Art Director & Stylist

A tiki bar that spent too long decorated as a winter ski lodge, Roberta's finally got the tiki vibe they deserved. Bamboo walls, artificial palm leaves, hand painted signs and masks round out the new island version of the beloved tent. 

Tory Burch Holiday 2018 Window Installation & Display

For the 2018 holiday season windows were installed for Tory Burch in their locations at Americana Manhasset in Manhasset, NY and at The Westchester in White Plains, NY, two luxury shopping centers. Vinyl backdrops and  motorized cut-out sintra elements were delicately hung from the ceiling, vinyl flooring was installed, and cut-out sintra elements were propped. Each store had a day theme and a night theme. All of the design elements were paired with some of Tory Burch's newest line to complete the merchandised window displays.