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Brandcast at Javits Center 2017 - Stylist

Every year NYC hosts YouTube's Brandcast, where advertisers, creators, and fans, come together to celebrate the vibrant community of YouTube. 2017's event featured an artfully designed booth overflowing with rainbow fruit and juice displays for the Slow Mo Guys, plush VIP lounges, and a red carpet that was enjoyed by stars and fans alike. 

Brandcast at Rockefeller Center & Radio City 2018 - Stylist

2018's Brandcast took place at two of NYC's landmark institutions, Rockefeller Center and Radio City Music Hall. Guests relaxed in lux VIP lounges, experienced speakers and concerts at Radio City and snacked on Yolanda Gampp's artistic cake creations in Rock Center's atrium. 

All images copyright Neanna Bodycomb

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